BetLion launch grassroot campaign with ex-Harambee Stars Captain

Former Harambee Stars captain Musa ‘Otero’ Otieno has joined forces with sports betting firm BetLion to launch a campaign dubbed BetLion Streets that will see the two reward young and upcoming sporting talents from a grassroots level. The initiative is aimed at backing young talent with sporting gear, mentorship and guidance through their journey towards a possible professional career in sports.

Speaking at the launch, the former national team captain and current CEO of Kick Off to Hope expressed a dire need to offer support to the raw pool of natural talent found at the grassroots level. “It’s a very important initiative that they are taking on because for them to go to the mashinani, there is a lot they are going to do for sports like football, golf and boxing at a grassroots level, and that will benefit Kenyans in 5 or 10 years to come,” said the former team captain.

BetLion kwa Streets Ambassador Musa ‘Otero’ Otieno

Officiating the launch, BetLion Managing Director Spencer Okach stated that there is a lack of an important skill set that would be useful to catapult a Kenyan sportsperson’s career to the next level when it comes to a global stage. “Partnering with Musa Otieno is a perfect fit as he is the embodiment a professional sportsperson who has been able to have longevity in his career and long after his playing days,” said Mr. Okach.

The campaign will start off by handing out team jerseys to football teams in neighbourhoods within the coming days.

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