By Beryl Adhiambo Ooko

You have only known the pain of love; the love that everyone said was meant to heal the cracks of your heart only made them larger. What hurts the most is that you were stupid enough to think that you can be vulnerabla around them, but you received deception in return. Now, what a walking skeleton of loneliness you are!

You’ve been afraid to love because no one was bold and respectful enough to stick around long term and walk with you as you heal, they could not just show you the possibility to love after pain.
So the question that keeps ringing in your mind is, where is my soulmate?

In a real sense, we have more than one soulmate, that’s why we can meet someone and within seconds have the best, energetic conversation ever. You just click, right? There is something about them that you cannot put a finger on… yet. And this feeling happens on multiple occasions. So we have friends as soulmates, colleagues, drinking mates, even some family members. Am I speaking facts or am I speaking facts?

Sometimes, we feel vulnerable and we need touch, we need to feel like someone cares, we need to suffocate somebody’s son or daughter with affection and, we need love. But love can manifest with hurt and pain. Have you ever been hurt to the point of being broken? That you don’t even want to see that gender; the one that betrayed Jesus, or the gender that shaved Samson’s hair. We can be hurt multiple times by love to the point where you just accept that your soul was meant to be single. Ironic, right?

You see, I believed in marrying your ‘missing rib’, the right person ordained by God but now, I’m questioning it (not questioning God). Your missing rib is whoever aligns with your energy, whoever tickles your fancy, whoever makes you cry and smile two minutes or two months later, whoever oozes love (leave family out of this, just think of that other person) whoever you feel is worth the submission and the protection, whoever feels like they are your rib – that’s your soulmate.

So NO, your soul is not single, don’t wallow in it, don’t even comprehend it. The universe always has a way to connect us to our soulmate, we are just stubbornly impatient, smh! The microwave generation. Love once felt is like a drug, prescribed for your wellness to combat the disease of loneliness. And so, loneliness again leads to desperate decisions that bring more despair than good – like taking back an ex – yeah that’s right or settling for anyone. Love, just like any drug, can be overdosed or worse, you can be dependent on it, like a diabetic needs insulin. You have to feel it at all costs; so you have a string of body counts, a lineup of exes, and yet, no one to call your own.

My soul was single for three years, the hardest days were the rainy cold days, haha because cold days need two people, one to make the tea and the other to go for the bread. What did you think I was going to say?

Just be patient dear, your soul is getting a mate soon, but for now, mingle!


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