Belrose Vodka in conjunction with the Nairobi Cocktail Club brought together like-minded drinkers for an afternoon of great music and great cocktails. Held at The Pool House, an exclusive location in Nairobi, the event brought together industry connoisseurs and revellers looking for a good time to unwind and enjoy sophisticated cocktails with delicious bites.

Le Decanter’s range of products.

“Belrose is a special kind of vodka as it’s made from grapes, whereas other vodkas use starch as their base. That makes it a lot lighter to the taste and the overall experience,” said Julie, owner of Le Decanter shop at ABC Place and exclusive importers of Belrose Vodka.

“We merely wanted a beautiful afternoon to unwind and experience Le Decanter’s wonderful range of products.” Brian from Nairobi Cocktail Club had this to say, “so we brought out their wonderful range from the lemon vodka from Belrose to a spicy Bas Armagnac in Chateau Laubade.”

Attendees were treated to the eclectic spins from the fingertips of the seasoned deejay, Evan Rhodes.

To sample a wide range of Italian and Frech liqueurs, spirits and champagnes, visit Le Decanter at ABC Place along Waiyaki Way!