By Beryl A. Ooko


I love you, I’m a woman I’ll take care of you,

Don’t be SCARed, tell me what’s wrong, show me your SCARs

I’ll cover your mess, my bandages heal

What happened next, wow!

Tell me more, let’s disappear in the hours of our voices.

It TEARS my soul to see your TEARS

A QUEEN stands by her KING

we will go to war TOGETHER, fight your demons PAMOJA!

You are broken, I see your soul


There is no TOGETHER, you are alone FOREVER

I see your soul, it’s too broken.

Lately, you are emotionally unstable, you feel too much

Fix your mentality, THINK like me

fix your spirit, or else I’ll be a ghost.

You want to see me again, we already met last month, just wait!

Sex! You’re too sexual.

What a SHAME you can’t get over your PAIN

You make people run away from you

BEAUTIFUL smile, UGLY soul

I didn’t expect you to be depressed, learn to be less anxious

A therapist, are you crazy!

ME! I have no weakness,

I can’t be with you, LIFE already has you.

I wish I met you WHOLE.

He cut onions, just to get a chance to cry.

She lied, He cried